Home Office

So the end of my first week (well OK New Years Day cut it down to 4 days!) working from home. How have I done? Have I spent all day sat in my dressing gown surrounded by the remains of my breakfast? Have I watched the Richard and Judy Show and ignored work (are they still on?)? Have I got up at 8 had a leisurely non working breakfast then slaved away 9 til 5 with an hours lunch break and the correct 15 minute break per 4 hours of work?

Well somewhere in between all of those. No TV at all, some radio. I’m setting a deadline of 9:30 for being properly dressed and showered, which I’m almost adhering to! I’m ensuring I have eaten breakfast by 9. I’m not being too good at having a lunch. I must really take a break properly, as I do know my own efficiency really improves when I take time to relax. So for my second week I’m going to concentrate on this. I also must leave the previous gym and join a new one. I wonder if I can be disciplined aought to get up and go to the gym before work? This may be a bit of a stretch I think. Although many moons ago I did get up at 6:30 for work every day! So it’s not implausible. I also must stop checking work email in non working hours. So far I’m setting myself a deadline of finishing before 7pm. 9am til 7pm is enough of a working day methinks. Anymore and I know my efficiency will drop long term. Even if i enjoy what I am doing. I wasted quite a few months in my last year of my Ph.D. by working too hard. Instead of taking a proper holiday I continued to work 6 (sometimes 7) day weeks. So those real late nights in the lab were wasted and I could have done the same work in a 5 day 9 to 5 week. A hard lesson, but one I remember.

So overall the first week has gone well. Next week I plan to improve on dinnertimes and also to be more organised.