Save Milton Country Park

Save Milton Country Park – help us save the Park

Here’s a very worthwhile petition to sign. Milton park is pretty good. I’ve run around there quite a few times on a lunchtime when i worked near there. I’ve also walked around quite a few times. It’s a pretty nice place, especially considering how close it is to the town. Closing it is bad enough, but it’s a fair guess that the bloody council will sell the prime land for housing! Money grabbers! Milton is a popular village, and houses there will go for a lot (..and of course they will be bought to rent out, so driving up the already disgustingly high rent prices AND property markets. Just how do first time buyers afford it?)

Quick MacTip

Quickly launch applications by pressing the COMMAND button, and then the SPACE bar. Type the first few letters of the application and bingo. press enter. :: View Forum – Jade Goody Chat

This site is probably one of the funniest things I have seen on the web for a long time. It’s got to be a windup. Well at least the majority of it is.. With posts like

Jade cannot be a racist as she neva(!) finished the marathon,


When I got anorexxia last yeer she helped me froo it and for that I is tocally greatfull.

I lost my Mum as well last yeer, in Tescos, but fownd her agen cos of Jades strengf and dignitty. She was by the tampax aisle. Should have nown, she love fanny rags my Mum.

God bless jade and dont let the white b*stards get you down Shilpa

Truly amazing!  The site seems to been set up by somebody genuinely in “worship” of her royal Goodyness. But with the recent BB furore, teh site has been completely swamped by people.  Very very funny…..!  The admin seems to be trying to hold the floods of abuse, but only just.


I’ve just got a new Mac (well an old G4), that I want to multiboot from a single multi partioned  IDE disc.  I had a multi boot SCSI drive.

I used an application called SuperDuper that can backup a volume entirely to a new one and make it bootable.  Previously I’ve been using this to backup my MacBook Pro to a Disc Image on my Linux box over the network. However, although SuperDuper is meant to be a backup tool, it was dead easy to clone partitions to another disc.
As a simple backup tool (it does incrementals too), it’s pretty cool!  It’s sortof a shareware licenses.  You can use the simple features (which are pretty advanced), although scheduled backups and passwordless ones are only available for cost.  Which easily seems worth it I reckon!

A fine piece of software.

User Manual:Periodic Maintenance – MythTV

User Manual:Periodic Maintenance – MythTV

There are two things I really need to do.  Do regular backups of my MythTV box, and start doing regular maintenance of the database. I have a script that will back up, compress and then use key atheticated SSH to store the backup on my main server.  However, I never run it!  I also spend time very infrequently repairing the MySQL database.  I must set up some cron jobs to do both of these!!!


iPhone on the Mac Site

Live from Macworld 2007: Steve Jobs keynote – Engadget

So I’ve had a Nokia 3650, a Sony Ericcsson p910, a SE M600i (current one), and of course a Nano 4Gb. This thing looks like it will wipe the floor. I am pretty impressed. Video, Music, Internet and Phones, and all in a nice easy to use package. Can I wait until the Q4 of this year? Goddamm, the bugger better be 3G when it arrives here in the UK! It better be WiFi as well.

Home Office

So the end of my first week (well OK New Years Day cut it down to 4 days!) working from home. How have I done? Have I spent all day sat in my dressing gown surrounded by the remains of my breakfast? Have I watched the Richard and Judy Show and ignored work (are they still on?)? Have I got up at 8 had a leisurely non working breakfast then slaved away 9 til 5 with an hours lunch break and the correct 15 minute break per 4 hours of work?

Well somewhere in between all of those. No TV at all, some radio. I’m setting a deadline of 9:30 for being properly dressed and showered, which I’m almost adhering to! I’m ensuring I have eaten breakfast by 9. I’m not being too good at having a lunch. I must really take a break properly, as I do know my own efficiency really improves when I take time to relax. So for my second week I’m going to concentrate on this. I also must leave the previous gym and join a new one. I wonder if I can be disciplined aought to get up and go to the gym before work? This may be a bit of a stretch I think. Although many moons ago I did get up at 6:30 for work every day! So it’s not implausible. I also must stop checking work email in non working hours. So far I’m setting myself a deadline of finishing before 7pm. 9am til 7pm is enough of a working day methinks. Anymore and I know my efficiency will drop long term. Even if i enjoy what I am doing. I wasted quite a few months in my last year of my Ph.D. by working too hard. Instead of taking a proper holiday I continued to work 6 (sometimes 7) day weeks. So those real late nights in the lab were wasted and I could have done the same work in a 5 day 9 to 5 week. A hard lesson, but one I remember.

So overall the first week has gone well. Next week I plan to improve on dinnertimes and also to be more organised.