(almost) last day!

Well I had my (almost) last day on Friday. I’m actually working on the 29th, although I guess the actual amount of work done will be minimal to say the least. It was quite bizarre.  By the time I got to go around and say goodbye, a lot of people had already left.  So I had to quiz the remaining people as to whether this was the last time we would see each other (during the same job that is!), and if so then they got a hug!  Otherwise I’ll leave the hugs until Friday!  Then it was straight to the pub, where I was in such a bouncy mood, that I forgot to drink s-l-o-w-l-y, and consequently by 8pm I was on Grapefruit and tonic! (well not for long, the GnTs came out after then!

I also admit to a certain sense of aprehension about sending a goodbye email to the ENTIRE company (>500 people).  I’m a shy retiring type, and don’t like to shout and bring attention to myself hiding under the rock.