DVI-d vs DVI-D, or LG 32″ TV vs Radeon 9250 card

“My Mythtv box is currently outputting to a LG RZ-32LZ55 32” LCD TV using a Radeon 9250 card. Currently I’#m using a DVI-I cable from the DVI of the radeon to the DVI of the TV.

Now I have a much longer DVi cable that I want to use. However, the cable is DVI-D. When I plug in this cable I get a picture OK, until XORG starts, then it goes black.

DVI-D is supposedly digital only, and I found that apparently the TV will only accept a DVI analogue signal. Which to be honest I do not understand as it’s supposedly HD (1080i) and used HDCP in the DVI input (the newest version of this TV is HDMI instead).

I also don’t understand this as I can get a console picture fine. It’s only when XORG loads that the picture goes.

So my question is, am I just lacking sufficient knowledge of DVI signals, in expecting this longer cable to work, or is there any options to XORG which would help?

I don’t really want to spend 30/40 UK pounds on a new 5M DVI-I cable.”

(note this was initially posted on the Gentoo Forums)