(almost) last day!

Well I had my (almost) last day on Friday. I’m actually working on the 29th, although I guess the actual amount of work done will be minimal to say the least. It was quite bizarre.  By the time I got to go around and say goodbye, a lot of people had already left.  So I had to quiz the remaining people as to whether this was the last time we would see each other (during the same job that is!), and if so then they got a hug!  Otherwise I’ll leave the hugs until Friday!  Then it was straight to the pub, where I was in such a bouncy mood, that I forgot to drink s-l-o-w-l-y, and consequently by 8pm I was on Grapefruit and tonic! (well not for long, the GnTs came out after then!

I also admit to a certain sense of aprehension about sending a goodbye email to the ENTIRE company (>500 people).  I’m a shy retiring type, and don’t like to shout and bring attention to myself hiding under the rock.

Answers in Genesis – Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics

Answers in Genesis – Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics

This has got to be my favorite site of the last year! I am convinced. Raquel Welch was correct. Man did walk the earth at the same time that dinosaurs did, and I don’t mean via time travel in the way that Flesh books 1 and 2 described. I mean I trust anything a guy with a beard without a moustache says.

Seriously what are these guys problem? Do they think that pumping lots of money into a museum will convince people that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old? I mean does he think that 40% of Americans are not gullible?

I want to cry. Here’s to a God free Xmas!

green belt.

Listening to radio 4’s news yesterday I heard an amazing fact. Only 19% of =
the UK is classed as Green Belt. Wow. This figure is pitiful. I wonder at =
how they classify this. Living in cambridge i regularly celebraye the fact =
that so much of the city centre is green open area. Cambridge is perhaps a =
special case, but it enhances life.

Moving on….!

Well I did it. After 3 1/2 years in my current job I’ve handed in my notice.  It’s funny how people react.  A lot of people are “Oh I’m so sorry…!”.  My response to this, is “…well, don’t feel sorry for me.  I’m excited….!”. A lot of people are sad, but for themselves, as they will be deprived of my company (poor folk. I’m not that interesting), and a minority are very pleased for me, and tell me so!

Now I just need to work the notice until Christmas, and New Year, New job!


DVI-d vs DVI-D, or LG 32″ TV vs Radeon 9250 card

“My Mythtv box is currently outputting to a LG RZ-32LZ55 32” LCD TV using a Radeon 9250 card. Currently I’#m using a DVI-I cable from the DVI of the radeon to the DVI of the TV.

Now I have a much longer DVi cable that I want to use. However, the cable is DVI-D. When I plug in this cable I get a picture OK, until XORG starts, then it goes black.

DVI-D is supposedly digital only, and I found that apparently the TV will only accept a DVI analogue signal. Which to be honest I do not understand as it’s supposedly HD (1080i) and used HDCP in the DVI input (the newest version of this TV is HDMI instead).

I also don’t understand this as I can get a console picture fine. It’s only when XORG loads that the picture goes.

So my question is, am I just lacking sufficient knowledge of DVI signals, in expecting this longer cable to work, or is there any options to XORG which would help?

I don’t really want to spend 30/40 UK pounds on a new 5M DVI-I cable.”

(note this was initially posted on the Gentoo Forums)