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  1. Hi there,

    I just noticed at the ScheduleWorld blog, that you are using SyncEvolution. I’m a total noob, so I if you have the time, would you tell me have to install and use SyncEvolution?

    I’m using Evolution 2.8.1 with Ubuntu 6.10.

    I really hope you have the time to help, cause I think this would solve a lot of my problems.


  2. Hi Niels,

    I will certainly try to help. However, I’m at work at the moment and have no access to my home PC where I used SynEvolution. So the instructions will be a bit vague. I’ll add more detailed ones when I get home!

    You’ll probably have to download and compile SynEvolution yourself, unless Ubuntu has a package (I use Gentoo).

    Once done, copy the scheduleworld template config file into your home directory. The exact directory name should be something like


    Then edit the file appropriately. I had a few issues with this. I’ll post my config file later, as an example.

    Then simply run. I created a script which I run as a cronjob.


  3. Thaks!

    It would be very nice, if you could post your config file, and the script (I don’t know anything about cronjob).

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