Dawkins: The God Delusion

So i got ‘the God Delusion’. Roughly halfway through now. Just after his =
entertaining idea the current(!) universe may have arose through a process =
not unlike natural selection. Hence why conditions (mainly physical =
constants) were just right for the formation of earth and consequently us! =
No need for a god in this model of the cosmos!
Quite impressed so far. Ok so he is preaching to the converted as far as i =
am concerned. But as usual he writes in a very entertaining way. Oh that he =
could have written some of the science books i had in school. He’s =
convincing too. The more i think about it, the more i struggle to =
understand how any educated person believes in a god. More importantly why =
they need to believe in one. Dawkins words show the overwhelming evidence =
that is out there. Cathedrals are nice, but what else could mankind have =
achieved without the waste of worship!

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  1. Well yes. But that was the ill thought out comment of a kebab shop employee!!! Not the well thought out argument of a real scientist. Honestly!

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