athens is a real mix of a city. In places one of the ugliest dirtiest =
cities i have been to. But with places of great beauty + of course =
antiquity. It is quite impressive to see the buildings of the Acropolis. =
And i have to admit i felt ashamed to be reminded of Lord Elgin’s robberies =
of years ago. I did briefly browse the shops. But the tat did not =
It is a very lively place. The streets were crowfed with revellers + this =
was tuesday!

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  1. I felt that too, but also read that the religous zealots at the time where ready to destroy alot of the architecture, so maybe it was a good thing then, but not so much now. But what good did it do for the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan?

  2. None at all….! The only saving grace is that when the Taliban are dead and buried they will be remembered in the history books as truly evil people!

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