2 Replies to “Thrill-Power Overload”

  1. Good to see you’re a fan.

    I think I have 2000AD issues 300 to 1200 in boxes in the attic + 1 to about 100 of the Megazine and all of the limited Revolver run. Sad I know.

    One day it may be worth more than its printed on (I understand issue 1 of 2000AD is worth 40 – 50ukp – not bad for a few pages of newsprint from the 1970’s).

    I can’t understand how 2000AD hasn’t taken the world by storm. Americans comic readers seem obsessed by leotard wearing super-heroes which is so depressing.

  2. yup. I even remember reading the advert for 200AD no 1 in a crappy comic I used to get called Crunch!! I’ve lost most of the first 100 (too young to realise I should keep them), but got more or less all of the next 500. I’ve recently started buying it again. Sporadically though. I’d love to be able to find time, to sit down and start from my earliest copy and reread all of them!!! Hmmm probably a good usage of holiday 🙂
    I’ve also been a Marvel/DC fan though. There’s been some excellent stuff over the years, as well as some unbelievable dross. For some truly excellent stuff Frank Miller’s Dark Knight returns series almost makes me cry everytime I read it!

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