Air traveller profiling

Could you profile travellers? Which of these would you stop boarding a plane?

  1. Wears a (a) turban or (b) Armani suit
  2. Carries (a) copy of Osama Bin Laden’s autobiography or (b) A Blackberry
  3. Carries (a) stick of dynamite or (b) Dell laptop

Answer all (b’s) of course!

Bloody Microsoft

Bloody Microsoft!

The Windows updater did its updating thang yesterday (XP SP2). ..and Whaddayaknow now GAIM refuses to start. I’m Guessing that something here has stopped it working. The foil hat paranoid in me, suggests that Microsoft does not like people not using Messenger alternatives.


Anyway here’s to downloading the latest gaim, then submitting a bug if neccessary!