Well tomorrow I go to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. Eeek. and waddayaknow. My bloody filling in this dodgy tooth just fell out. After 16 years of ever failing service. Is this like the rat leaving the sinking ship? Anyway at least I gt to keep the filling instead of it going in the dentist’s hazpak

4th July

I’ve always got confused by 4th of July and Thanksgiving… Now I know how to remember which is which. One is the “The day the bunch of religious lunatics that had been thrown out of England landed” and the other is the day we English should really celebrate for losing the Americans….!

Ok tongue in cheek. A very merry 4th of July to all Americans out there (minus the fuckwit in charge of course, and all those money grabbing exploiting bastards in Iraq).

My MythTV box spec!

  • Silverstone Lascala case. Very, very nice.
  • Asus K8N nForce3 250 AGP (Socket 754) Motherboard with a Sempron 3000+
  • 0.5 Gb generic ram
  • Ati Radeon 9250 (works fine and with a passive heatsink!
  • 320Gb Seagate SATA-II drive
  • Linksys PCI wifi WMP54GS card
  • A really cool wireless keyboard and trackball combo.
  • Oh and of course a pair of Nova-T Conexant chipset DVB-T cards.