Bastard Parking Ticket

Parkign in Cambridge yesterday, I paid 1.50 to park for 45 mins.  Upon returning 10 mins late, i found a ticket on my windscreen.  The ticket said the warden had visitied the car at 1:11, and then returned at 1:21 to issue the ticket. The ticket expired at 1:12, and I returned at 1:24.

What a disgrace.  I normally cycle/walk, but was in a rush. Bastards!

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  1. yeah I saw that. Double feckers!

    Thing is I was rushignt o buy my new guitar. This means the already expensive axe, becomes even more expensive… Grrrrrr.

    Mind you regarding the guitar, I rang the shop, and they agreed to give me a voucher for half the difference. So not too shabby I think!

  2. Bloody Traffic Wardens!

    What are they like….issuing tickets once the parking meter has expired!

    Did you think it was ‘buy a minute’, ‘get a minute free’?


  3. PS:
    Regarding “I normally cycle/walk, but was in a rush”.

    How does one do that?

    Do you sit on your bike seat and walk along with your legs on the ground instead of pedalling…?

  4. Look MR BigFatSUV “Cycle/Walk” is when you cycle for 5 mins, then get off put the bike on your head, and walk for 5 mins. It’s like circuit training and keeps u fit!

    Anyway they could have given me 10 mins extra. It’s not like parking in cmabridge is cheap anyway. The miserable bastards!!!

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