MightyPhone Untroubles

I guess I should update you all about my phone!!! Well I contacted MightyPhone support (Support are always Gods, unless it is NTL). After a few exchanges of email, they sent me a new version of the phone software. After a major synch that probably cost me my monthly GPRS data allowance, all my phone numbers (whatever the format) were synchronised!

All praise to MightyPhone for their excellent support!

Whilst on phones, WHEN IS THE BLOODY p990 gonna come out? This log wait is doing my head in…. Ahh I feel better now!


2 Replies to “MightyPhone Untroubles”

  1. Who was your tech support contact at Mighty Phone? My Nokia 600 will sync new entries down to Outlook, but I can’t get new entries created in Outlook up to the Nokia. Cheers

  2. I’ve generallly just emailed “support@mightyphone.com”, and got a quick response. It was usually somebody called Alex who got back to me. I must admit I do not use MightyPhone anymore. I was waiting in vain for them to support my M600i. They said it would be about a month away, about 4 months ago. No progress (and I’ve just checked and it’s still not supported).

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