Bastard Parking Ticket

Parkign in Cambridge yesterday, I paid 1.50 to park for 45 mins.  Upon returning 10 mins late, i found a ticket on my windscreen.  The ticket said the warden had visitied the car at 1:11, and then returned at 1:21 to issue the ticket. The ticket expired at 1:12, and I returned at 1:24.

What a disgrace.  I normally cycle/walk, but was in a rush. Bastards!

MightyPhone Untroubles

I guess I should update you all about my phone!!! Well I contacted MightyPhone support (Support are always Gods, unless it is NTL). After a few exchanges of email, they sent me a new version of the phone software. After a major synch that probably cost me my monthly GPRS data allowance, all my phone numbers (whatever the format) were synchronised!

All praise to MightyPhone for their excellent support!

Whilst on phones, WHEN IS THE BLOODY p990 gonna come out? This log wait is doing my head in…. Ahh I feel better now!

mdadm: what a cool utility.

mdadm is really a cool utility. I decided to move my 6 drive RAID 5 array from my normal workstation to a fileserver stuck somewhere in the attic. prompted in no small part by excess heat and noise in my little office. The fileserver is an old dual Xeon pIII running Debian Sarge that should suffice.

Anyway I umounted the array, stopped it and turned it off. Plugged it into the new server. Booted it. I then just ran:

mdadm --assemble /dev/md1 /dev/sd[cdefgh]and off it goes!! Since the array was never degraded, it doesn’t even need to be resynced.

I then mounted it as usual and Bob is most deffo your uncle!

This is the first time I have installed Debian for 3 years. I am pretty impressed by the new Debian Installer. More or less 1 hour from burning the CD to booting the machine. Nice!

MightyPhone troubles.,….

Well I recently bit the bullet and reformatted the memory on my phone due to various problems it had given me. A good test then for the MightyPhone sync service to save all my contacts and diary.
Well it failed. After a ful sync, none of my mobile numbers had been transferred. Pah!!! Bloody useless. Then ti dawned on me why! I keep all my mobile numbers in the form of number + intl diallign code.


+4412345 123 123

SyncML failed to recognise this and did not sync it.

So I tried

+44 (0) 1234 123 123

and waddayaknow. it synced fine!!