It’s a Double U

Raj says…R-Log
This really made ma laugh!!! I wonder what this is like in other countrys? I knew miaow and woof etc… are all different in other langauges, but i wonder if any other countries Say www different.

I generally say double u 4 times. It’s a injoke, funny only to me, but it always makes me laugh, as nobody every knows that I’m saying 4. Or perhaps they do and humour me like some mad relative stuck in the Wood Shed!

Ankle part 3

Right. I’m worried about my ankle lasting the weekend ahead.  So I left work early and booked an appointment with the Chiropracter I’ve been seeing about my back (god what a complete wreck I am becoming!!!).  After a lot of pulling, twisting and some suprisingly painful deep tissue massage of my calf, my ankle feels great.  I can stand on the ball of my foot as well as the heel now.  I can even do a calf raise on a step.  Awesome!  I’ll keep up with the rest of the treatement until next week and let us see!!!



I ate some of these from a Russian Bakery in Richmond, San Francisco last week. Bloody yummy, although these were deep fried and were like the quintessential fried East Coast (UK) dougnuts, except filled with mince meat and egg!! 🙂

I may have to give this recipe a go!

Ankle update

Well my ankle is suprisingle better. It’s turned a nasty shade of purple, and my toes are almost black. But I can walk, I can rotate my ankle more or less normally. I can’t put any pressure on the ball of my foot, just either my heel or when the foot is flat. But over all not bad.

I’ve been using a regime of Diclofenac (NAID), ice packs, keeping it raised, mobile and high doses (2g a day) of Glucosamine Sulphate (you never know it may help strengthen the tendons. It has helped when I’ve popped a tendon in my hand/finger before). Gonna also go to the Chiropracter this afternoon, to see what he can do!