Bloody ankle!!

Well once again I have sprained my ankle! Once again this was doing something stupid!

Climbing on a really crappy slate cliff. Just bouldering and traversing around the bottom of the cliff. Too busy watching other people, and not realising I had gone above a little gully above the sea. Somebody tried to take a piccy. I act the clown and let go with one foot and one leg. The foothold then chooses that moment to disintegrate, and I slide down. I reckon a sprained ankle is really quite lucky!!! I could have banged my head quite badly, or broke a bone. I also nearly slide even further and went down into the sea below. It was fairly calm, but it would have been a right bugger to climb back out of it.

As it was with the knackered ankle, I had to crawl, hope all the way around the base of the cliff before I could get back onto the beach, What a numpty!!