Video iPod

I watched the first episode of Doctor Who S2, on a plane with a video iPod. I am very impressed!!! What with my new Etymotic ER6i headphones (writeup to follow), it was a very pleasant experience.

The decent resolution really makes a difference from the much larger screen of the plane’s crappy in seat display.  Much nicer to view.

2 Replies to “Video iPod”

  1. Such a nerd 😉

    Wait till you see the fourth episode of the new series. It does get better than the Russel T. Davis Episodes.

  2. Hmmm. not even got around to watching the second one yet!!

    Funnily enough, there was a Werewolf Dr Who story set on New Earth. Where the Daleks were using the Wereloks as a slave race to kill humans.

    When I saw the names of the first two episoded I immediately thought of this!!!

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