Bausch & Lomb Renu solution makes you go blind!!!

FDA says Bausch & Lomb plant inspection to continue – MarketWatch

Well I suppose I should stop complaining that my optician recently switched me to hydrogen peroxide rather than continue using ReNu. I quite liked that solution to, but I think I would prefer slight eye discomfort and longer cleaning techniques to going blind…….!!!

Bausch & Lomb themselves have now told opticians to remove this from there shelves. I wonder when UK opticians will do the same. I was previously on Dollond and Aitchson’s contact lenses by post service. Up to 3 months ago I was using Renu with Moisture loc. It seemed a fairly good product. The moistureloc addition made it a lot more comfortable.

I wonder if this will turn out to be a plant contamination. I guess so. But if the solution itself proves to be a sustainable environment for the fungus, I guess its anti-fungal properties are not too good. If the contaminant are spores, they are fairly hard to kill. Nonetheless a fairly unforgivable product failure!