BBC – Police suspended over naked snaps

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Police suspended over naked snaps

CCTV is not a clear cut argument. Apart from the arguments of does it prevent crime (moving crime to places that are not covered by CCTV, for example), there is a major potential for abuse. Here’s a prime example.

Who really watches the watchers? I always feel uncomfortable when I think that somebody could be watching me pick my nose!! or if I do something stupid, I could end up on the latest voyeuristic TV show.

Phone fixed

Well. Since I am such a conscientious guy, I’d taken a backup at the end of Feb. So a simple reformat of the filesystem, quick restore from backup!!

et voila, moi telefono workee un autre vez!


p910i no work!

Well a bad side affect of using a PDA as your phone, is when it goes tits up!!!
I forgot to monitor the filesystem space on my p910i, and got to within a few 100kb of a full system. A few txts then filled it up and left me with a very very slowly working phone (I guess it uses the flash memory as swapspace?).
I’ve now freed up approx 24mb (out of a total of 64Mb), and the dammed thing is still acting up. I cannot receive/send txts. nor use the phone at all. What the buggery fuck have I done!!

Oh well! I’m sure it will get sorted soon!!

A Look at GNOME 2.14

A Look at GNOME 2.14

As you may know I really like Gnome. It’s a dammed fine Desktop. with beagle (almost realtime filesystem search n indexing!), and other cool stuff, it’s way in front of any desktop. Well apart from OSX of course!!

Maleny Voice

Maleny Voice

Even across the otherside of the world, I well empathise in how I would feel if a ugly arrogant Supermarket blighted my home in building their crappy shop!

Here I feel aggrieved as to the quality of their food. At least my scenery is not spoilt by their greed as well!