2 Replies to “CBBC Newsround | Animals | Herman could be ‘biggest bunny’”

  1. Hi there… I have no idea whose site this is at the moment. I’m looking for a guy named Chris Lindley that I foud by searching for someone else that I used to speak to.

    I found the name Chris Lindley through the HUDLUG archives.

    The guy I’m actually searching for went under the name of Mango. I believe his real name was Mark. From the look of the old post he was helping Chris out with a modem at the time.

    So yeah… I included all the contact info that should be needed for me there… I’d greatly appreciate any help you can give me with finding Mango. I haven’t spoken to him for a long time and there are other people who’d also love to get back in touch with him.

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Hi,

    well I am the Chris Lindley you mention, and I used to be a fairly active member of HUDLUG. To be honest though I’m not sure about the person you mean! I’ll contact via email to continue further!


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