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    Ever been into Tescos recently, bought some new food, liked it, then tried to buy it again the week after only to find that you can’t find it! It isn’t anywhere.


  2. I never really thought about this one, but you are right!!! I called at a Tesco Express the other week. Eurghhhh!!

  3. The reason kids are fat is because their mum’s buy shed loads of processed crappy food from the likes of Tesco. Man spent millions of years eating natural fresh produce. We are not designed to eat refined carbs and trans fats. That’s why heart problems and diabetes are running out of control. It’s so simple – eat non processed food. Yet no company wants to advertise this fact. Meanwhile fat cat arseholessuprmarket bosses are poisoning the nation aided and abetted by government who are taking donations (= bribes) so they can build bigger and bigger stores despite local opposition. Plus local produce sold to local people means wealth stays within a community, instead of going into some Cayman Island Tesco Director’s bank account.
    What a mess we are in!!!

  4. John, you put it in a nutshell. It’s a public education issue. Here in Australia, two retail giants control 80% of retail grocery trade. My town of Maleny in Queensland just copped a vast ugly concrete box supermarket built on top of a rare wildlife habitat, despite 80% of residents not wanting it there. Our fight continues… please look at our website, http://www.malenyvoice.com

  5. Woolworth’s supermarkets in Australia are the same. Recently their “fresh” fruit was found to be up to nine months old. They have just been fined almost $9,000,000 for price fixing. It took 10 years to happen but justice has been done. In Maleny Australia we are fighting back as 80% of our population didn’t want them here but they built anyway and are about to open. With 20% of a population of 6,000 shopping there they will be the most unprofitable supermarket in the world!!!!!

  6. Well I wish you the best of luck in your fight!

    Shops that are too large by far are always a bad idea. Especially when they can monopolise the local market. They have the wealth to undercut all competition. Then of course when all the competition had died out due to lack of customers, the shops that sell decent quality food, then they have the sole market. They also have the wealth and power to set their own rules!

    Recently major supermarkets in the UK (mainly Tesco’s) have decided to ignore the government’s simple straightforward scheme for health warnings on food. Instead they are following their own hard to understand scheme, which will be ignored. Scandalous!!!

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