Apt Danish related link

Danish freedom
I think it was more than a bit irresponsible and insulting of the Cartoonists, BUT it’s “sticks and stones….”.

Censorship by mob rule (and violence!!) is an appalling thing. Whether by the US neo-conservative nutter Christians, or fundamentalist Muslims.

Dammed cold again!

I used to be never sick. IN fact I prided myself on NEVER having to throw a sicky. Even for alcohol related illnesses….!!!

However, since moving to a desk related job, working in a crappy air conditioned office, I seem to have a lto of colds! It’s a bugger.

So today I have the second day off of the year. This has got to be stopped. Perhaps it’s me getting older, or lazier! Whatever, combined with going climbing on sunday for the first time for ages, and realising I am (a) shit and (b) incredibly weak, means I am motivated to become active and fit again!