useful SED line

I wanted to comment out a few lines in a config file. This was a result of getting to single user mode on a Tru64 box, because some SCSI drives had gone missing!

Anyway Sed to to the rescue! How do I look for a string then comment out that entire line? Not beign that familar with SED I struggled but:

sed 's/.*sda6.*/#&/g' test

Works nicely!!

The “&” means the entire match, so “#&” means comment out that line! Trying to match the entire line did confuse me, as trying to use a wildcard gave me errors. Until it dawned on me… “*” means “more than one of the previous character. so “.*” means more than one of any character i.e. wildcard!


I’ve since been told that there’s a far easier way of doing this.  e.g. using the “find” function then an upper case “I”nsert, which means insert at the beginning og a line, rather than at the current location in the buffer.

Lady Vengeance

Saw Lady Vengeance On Sunday. It’s the final film of a trilogy of seprate films linked only by a common theme of vengeance. I’ve previously seen Oldboy on DVD, and I was very impressed. Lady Vengeance is quite different. Longer, more complicated, and much less violent. It also has a degree of symbolism, which I-did-not-quite-get, that is absent in the 2nd film It’s quite an impressive film, and the impressions you get from the film are not instantaneous. I dwelt on the film for quite a while, and feel quite different about it now,, rathern than when i left teh cinema. It’s the type of film that needs repeated viewing to get the most from it I feel. Unlike Western films of this genre, ther are no cliches. Unlike say Kill Bill, which seemed to glorify in it’s cliched stereotypes (not a criticism), this film does not. The characters do not do what they are expected, nor react to events in the way that would be expected. For example the lead does have various degrees of justifiable provocation and reason to behave the way she does. Except it seems that she does not use these as reasons to do what she does, making you empathise with her less.
I would strongly recommend a viewing. If you’ve not seen either of the other two, then don;t worry. You do get the feeling that this is the final film, as it leaves a definite ending to the question that vengeance is not a wise path to take. Oldboy does the same, although the person taking vengeance is not the person you expect.

Apt Danish related link

Danish freedom
I think it was more than a bit irresponsible and insulting of the Cartoonists, BUT it’s “sticks and stones….”.

Censorship by mob rule (and violence!!) is an appalling thing. Whether by the US neo-conservative nutter Christians, or fundamentalist Muslims.