King Kong

Wow. A real piece if old fashioned crash-bang-wallop entertainment. Well enjoyed it.

BUT, did the maggot really have to suck Andy Serkis’s head off!!!

Suprisingly, I’ve never actually seen the original. I’ve seen, and like, Dino de Laurentis’s remake. I must make it a task to see the original.

4 Replies to “King Kong”

  1. I couldn’t watch that bit in the pit of slimy monsters from the mind of Peter Jackson – the noises were enough for me. However TOP banana movie, I never even felt my bottom going to sleep.

  2. it was pretty grim!!!! The head sucking maggot got a lot of “eeks” from the audience!!!!

  3. Poor Lumpy the Cook though. What a way to go.

    I can certainly vouch for the slug problem in NZ though – vicious and annoying little buggers. Don’t forget the slug bait. Not to mention the giant wetas 😉

  4. My god. You mean that scene was done with real NZ slugs???

    Wow. I better bring plenty of salt if I visit NZ!!! 🙂

    Just did a quick Google on Wetas. Fascinating. A species that evolution seems to have completely forgotten!


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