Geetar continuity

Well, waddayaknow. I have actually kept up practising and attending lessons for 6 weeks now. I can almost play a tune start to finish, and I can alomsot play notes (single ones) without looking at either the strings nor frets. I am quite chuft!!

My teacher is quite patient. Well he must be, I don;t think he’s quite had anybody quite as crap as me before. Initially I was doing little practise at all. This lead to embarrassment at each lesson as of course I could play hardly any different since the end of the previous lesson. However, this has lead me to practise and I now practise at least 4 out of 5 days. Which has amazed me.

It helped that I got a guitar stand the other week. Now the guitar is always stood in the centre of the room. Quietly reminding me that it’s probably time to practise.

Perhaps this time I may get to critical mass, and continue to keep playing as I actually enjoy it!!!