how to echo, echo, a line return

Whilst trying to echo a line return (why use 8 lines when you can use one!!), I found the following…

    Irix 6.5.13

%echo '1\n22

    Gentoo linux (very recent one).

%echo '1\n22'
%echo -e '1\n22'

So far so good!!!

    RHEL 3.0

echo -e '1\n22'

-e 1 n 22

    Solaris 5.8

% echo -e '1\n22'

-e 1\n22


King Kong

Wow. A real piece if old fashioned crash-bang-wallop entertainment. Well enjoyed it.

BUT, did the maggot really have to suck Andy Serkis’s head off!!!

Suprisingly, I’ve never actually seen the original. I’ve seen, and like, Dino de Laurentis’s remake. I must make it a task to see the original.

Geetar continuity

Well, waddayaknow. I have actually kept up practising and attending lessons for 6 weeks now. I can almost play a tune start to finish, and I can alomsot play notes (single ones) without looking at either the strings nor frets. I am quite chuft!!

My teacher is quite patient. Well he must be, I don;t think he’s quite had anybody quite as crap as me before. Initially I was doing little practise at all. This lead to embarrassment at each lesson as of course I could play hardly any different since the end of the previous lesson. However, this has lead me to practise and I now practise at least 4 out of 5 days. Which has amazed me.

It helped that I got a guitar stand the other week. Now the guitar is always stood in the centre of the room. Quietly reminding me that it’s probably time to practise.

Perhaps this time I may get to critical mass, and continue to keep playing as I actually enjoy it!!!

Bad, bad Coldplay ›› journal ›

Bad, bad Coldplay ›› journal ›

So I feel vindicated for hating Coldplay with such a passion! Not that I feel I need any justification other than the mind-numbing pap they make.

A few months ago I was bought a “copy protected” CD. I felt quite torn, between wanting to play the CD as it was a present, but disliking the cheating aspect of it!
CD was “F**k me I’m famous” by David Guetta.

(ps the stars are nor from me. I don’t give a fuck whether I swear!)