play the geetar

So I’ve started my first lesson on monday. 8 yrs after I gave up the whole thing as being a waste of my non-ryhmical soul. After trying on and off for 5 yrs to learn……! Whether “learn to play rock guitar by Wolf spandex”, or classical. I tried loads of ways, aprt from the real obvious one of getting a guitar teacher.

Will I persevere? Fingers crossed. Well not crossed, chorded.

Pork, juniper berries and Parmesan

Take two nice pork chops. From a proper butchers, no shite from Tesco’s/
Crush about 10 juniper berries, mix with a little flour and seasonig and rub all over the pork.
Leave for a while, then fry. On high initially each side, then lowere until cooked.
Meanwhile finely slice a handful of shallots.
Remove the pork when done, and keep warm. Fry the shallots until done. Add a little brandy and boil off. Add some parmesan, anc coat the shallots.
Place on top of the pork chops, add some grated parmesan, and grill until melted.

Serve with some baked spuds.


sash – a superb system rescue tool!

I discovered a new super tool today. After completely buggering up my system due in part to me trying to upgrade the system whislt massivel hungover. I discovered a new tool.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – System borked after glibc-2.3.6 upgrade

Sash is a shell that is staticalyl linked, and so can be used on it’s own. Also it includes a selection of system utils. (mount, ls etc….) that can be used to recover your system. So after booting using Sash:

linux init=/bin/sash

and remounting my filesystem as read write:

-mount -m /dev/sda2 /

I was able to recover it!

Well cool!