MythTV vs NTsmeLl

(ok th title is bad, but NTHell has been overused, and claimed back by The Man.)

So MythTV is up and running, and I now have a well cool VDR and all round HTPC. Recording programs seems to work, although a Summertime mixup between the hardware clock and the Software clock resulted in my intended recording of Sex,Lies and Videotapes to actually be a short documentary about machines that fuck girls. Probably not a bad thing! ….and while we’re at it, a 60yr old man, talking about the pulleys he uses to hoist up his “RealWoman (TM)” schoolgirl model into the correct,,, ahem, position, like he is talking about steam engines, is both highly amusing and pretty disturbing.

Anyway now this is working,,, I no longer use my landline, and since Be are offering 24MB/s for 24 quid month ADSL, and I get shitload of free miutes on my mobile, why on earth do I need NTL?

So do I get my act together, organise, and kick them out? Means getting a BT line. Boo, Hiss. But they are not really the big baddie they used to be.