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login screen won’t accept my password

If you cannot get to the login prompt, or your login window appears but shows no username, it is possible your NetInfo directory has been corrupted.

You can try booting off the OS X installer CD and from within the installer > file menu > reset password you can select the user with a failed login password and reset it.

If this doesn’t work or you do not have the OS X Installer CD, you can try this:

On startup: Command-S Single User Mode

Type each of these commands (bold text), followed by pressing the Enter Key at the end of each line break

fsck -y

mount -uw /

cd /var/db/

rm .AppleSetupDone

cd netinfo

mv local.nidb local.nidb.corrupt


Very useful!!!!

I am listening tooooo!!

Cracking CDs of the moment are most definetly :

Balance 007 Chris Fortier

A pretty good double cd, but nothing special….except there;s a 3rd CD (wow a double cd with 3 cds), the bonus CD. This is awesome, from the deep, deep bass beats announcing the start to the end. Very different music, yet as with all the best Mix CDs, you don’t notice the change in music. Highly recommended.

Act like you know, Frankie Bones.

Excellent Deep n Dirty techno as ever. T2; My House is superb, a right mixup of samples. Good samples at that too.

Time for a tattoo again??

I’m thinking about another tattoo. I got a design (thanks Marina), that I’ve had in my mind fro a couple of years now. But it’s just not perfect yet. I’ve been looking at it for a few weeks now, pinned up next to my monitor.

There’s also the fact that The Tattoo House did my previous ones (and I am very happy with them), but I live quite a way away from them now. Do I travel back, or find one local?

Anyway which is of these is me?



Excellent. The article is a bit old, but tickled me.

Nonetheless, I’m a Gnome user, and I love it!

I’ve played many times with other WM/DE combos, and always come back to using Gnome. KDE just seems too clean. Also since all my apps are GTK ones, then it seems more logical to run Gnome!

Mind you, when E17Enlightenment, finalyl comes out, i may give it a play. It looks pretty cool now.

MythTV vs NTsmeLl

(ok th title is bad, but NTHell has been overused, and claimed back by The Man.)

So MythTV is up and running, and I now have a well cool VDR and all round HTPC. Recording programs seems to work, although a Summertime mixup between the hardware clock and the Software clock resulted in my intended recording of Sex,Lies and Videotapes to actually be a short documentary about machines that fuck girls. Probably not a bad thing! ….and while we’re at it, a 60yr old man, talking about the pulleys he uses to hoist up his “RealWoman (TM)” schoolgirl model into the correct,,, ahem, position, like he is talking about steam engines, is both highly amusing and pretty disturbing.

Anyway now this is working,,, I no longer use my landline, and since Be are offering 24MB/s for 24 quid month ADSL, and I get shitload of free miutes on my mobile, why on earth do I need NTL?

So do I get my act together, organise, and kick them out? Means getting a BT line. Boo, Hiss. But they are not really the big baddie they used to be.


Well I finally got MythTV working.

It’s pretty cool. A proper hard disc recorder on your computer. It’s really meant to be used as a standalone unit, but mine has just been setup on my workstation, since I have a dammed cool 2405fpw Dell24″ monitor 🙂

The Gentoo Wiki page was very useful in getting this set up. Especialyl the bit in getting ALSA and especially an ALSA mixer device to work.