Restless Natives

Well I got a copy of Restless Natives on DVD. It’s still good. When looking at films that you have last saw quite a few yrs ago (in this case 20), it’s generally dissapointing. However, this was excellent. It’s obviousyl dated, and very very 80’s. But not 80’s in the same way that a film like Purple rain or especially The Breakfast club are (both excellent films). It was a little twee like an update Railway children. But nonetheless it is still a great film. …and the music. What a superb soundtrack by Big Country.

One thing that did suprise me is the quality of the DVD. It was pretty dammed good. Not a sign of pixelation at all. Too often DVDs are poor quality nowadays. Even recent “blockblusters” are poor. Watching on a TV is OK, watch on a projector or anything approaching HD, and the quality is pretty shite. A unforgivable shame in my view. Sometimes I’ve even downloaded a far better quality film, than the equivalent copy on DVD. My DVD of the Matrix is rubbish and stays in its box, and I watch the one I downloaded instead. Now if only you could get DolbyDigital downloads!! 🙂

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