Stuart Adamson: RIP (4yrs ago!)

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Bizarre, through a convulted series of things which started with watching Doctor Who, finding out that Restless Natives(top film!) has been released on DVD (mustbuy), and then finding out that Stuart Adamson died 4 years ago….. and I never knew.

There were 3 top bands I listened to when I was about 15-17 U2, The Alarm and Big Country (well actually there were a load more, but these were the top ones) The Alarm have dated badly, U2, welll….. But Big Country are hardly even metioned nowadays. But what superb music. Their 1st The Crossing, is a damm fine album. Hmmmm. To the shop tomorrow to buy CDs methinks…….

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  1. I edited the heading of that post as it looked a bit daft. Afterall it’s not exactly a recent piece of news!!

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