Restless Natives

Well I got a copy of Restless Natives on DVD. It’s still good. When looking at films that you have last saw quite a few yrs ago (in this case 20), it’s generally dissapointing. However, this was excellent. It’s obviousyl dated, and very very 80’s. But not 80’s in the same way that a film like Purple rain or especially The Breakfast club are (both excellent films). It was a little twee like an update Railway children. But nonetheless it is still a great film. …and the music. What a superb soundtrack by Big Country.

One thing that did suprise me is the quality of the DVD. It was pretty dammed good. Not a sign of pixelation at all. Too often DVDs are poor quality nowadays. Even recent “blockblusters” are poor. Watching on a TV is OK, watch on a projector or anything approaching HD, and the quality is pretty shite. A unforgivable shame in my view. Sometimes I’ve even downloaded a far better quality film, than the equivalent copy on DVD. My DVD of the Matrix is rubbish and stays in its box, and I watch the one I downloaded instead. Now if only you could get DolbyDigital downloads!! 🙂

Stuart Adamson: RIP (4yrs ago!)

BBC News | MUSIC | Your tributes: Stuart Adamson

Bizarre, through a convulted series of things which started with watching Doctor Who, finding out that Restless Natives(top film!) has been released on DVD (mustbuy), and then finding out that Stuart Adamson died 4 years ago….. and I never knew.

There were 3 top bands I listened to when I was about 15-17 U2, The Alarm and Big Country (well actually there were a load more, but these were the top ones) The Alarm have dated badly, U2, welll….. But Big Country are hardly even metioned nowadays. But what superb music. Their 1st The Crossing, is a damm fine album. Hmmmm. To the shop tomorrow to buy CDs methinks…….


The really bad thing about being off work sick, is the fact that you do not have to work, yet you are really too ill to take advantage of it. This is just not fair! I’ve had an appalling nights sleep, alternating between cold sweats, then roasting. So work was not really an option. I’d like a nice long hot bath, but this means I need to clean my bath first, so I suppose at last I get a clean bathroom out of it!

Anyway, pot noodle for breakfast, my being ill treat!