Being a PC audiophile

I’m looking for a decent sound card.

I’ve got an Audigy 1. This is OK, and works fine for MP3, and DVD viewing. However, I;’ve been recently playing with Mixx and other DJ mixing software (all on Linux of course). In this respect the Audigy is a bit crap. I’m using JACK to link it all together. So far using Jack and ALSA is dead easy to setup on Gentoo.

My current speaker setup is a Logitech z640 5.1 system, with the front two speakers replaced by a pair of Monitor Audio Radius 45 speakers. I’m very impressed with the R45’s and I think these will have to be moved towards the rear, and atriplet of Radius 180s will become the front and center!

Eeek this better quality audio stuff is Expensive!

I was trying to decide between the M-Audio Delta 1010lt or the M-Audio Audiophile 2496. The 1010lt looks very cool, and has lots of praises about it’sLinux ALSA compatibility. But for what I need the 2496 would probabyl suffice, and at less than half the price…..

I eventaully ordered the 1010lt from a German company, as it was the cheapest in Europe.


However, after ordering I found out that there is a shop in Cambridge that actually sells them. To be honest I would have gone locally, even with the extra expense, as I always think it’s best to get local good advice. But I’d already ordered from MusikHaus, so it would be unfair to cancel. MusikHaus rang me as well, and seem a decent company.

M-Audio Audiophile 2496 – Digital Village