ultimate X-Men 10

Hmm. I’m an ocasional comic buyer (as opposed to when I was younger and was an obsessive comic buyer). I’ve just read Ultimate-X-men vol 10 (issues 50 to 53). It’s a bit…different. All the characters are younger. It’s set in the current day. Almost like they tok the same characters, vastly updated them (e.g. Dazzler has loads of tatoos n piercings) and dropped them in 2005. Without any of the history behind this comic, I don’t know whether Marvel just did that, or whether this is some “New Universe” type thing. I do hope that they did set the scene as a different universe, as marvel used to pride themselves on not reinventing their characters. But there again like I said at the start, I’m an occasional comic buyer and hardly up to date!!!

All that being said it was not too bad. I stopped reading X-Men before the appearance of Gambit, and since these few issues dealt with the reappearance/reinvention of that character, it meant nothing to me.